February 16, 2015/by ylecas

Tennis Game anyone?

February 10, 2015/by ylecas

Glastonbury Abbey

February 6, 2015/by ylecas

Glastonbury shadows

February 6, 2015/by ylecas

Wall Reflection

February 4, 2015/by ylecas

aww WHM Calendar

February 2, 2015/by ylecas

Visiting Friends

February 1, 2015/by ylecas

New Love logo

January 28, 2015/by ylecas

aww we are there ^.^

January 26, 2015/by ylecas

Costume Dance Party

January 26, 2015/by ylecas

Raw Vegan Love Cheesecake

January 13, 2015/by ylecas

Planting Organic Pumpkin

January 9, 2015/by ylecas

Happy New Year 2015

January 1, 2015/by ylecas

Hi from London

December 25, 2014/by ylecas

aww our book is in Organic Gift Basket ^.^

December 21, 2014/by ylecas

7 Days with Raw Vegan Love

December 15, 2014/by ylecas


November 18, 2014/by ylecas

Zermatt, Switzerland — at Matterhorn

November 16, 2014/by ylecas

Filming in Africa

September 21, 2014/by ylecas

Alex’s Birthday Potluck at the Zürich Lake Park

June 16, 2014/by ylecas

Visiting Bern, Swiss Capital

April 30, 2014/by ylecas

Waiting at Ikea

April 27, 2014/by ylecas

Holding Hands with our Film Crew

March 9, 2014/by ylecas


March 1, 2014/by ylecas

Filming and Adventures in South Africa

February 23, 2014/by ylecas

wow Cheetah ^.^

February 7, 2014/by ylecas

Getting ready to Film ^.^

February 6, 2014/by ylecas

Facebook: A Look Back VIDEO ^.^

February 5, 2014/by ylecas

Tickling Time

February 2, 2014/by ylecas

adorable Lemurs at the Cango Wild Life

January 30, 2014/by ylecas

ABC for Life ~ NGO ~ Non-Profit for KIDS

January 29, 2014/by ylecas

Visiting Elephant Park

January 24, 2014/by ylecas

Yeahhh will be filming with Lilly and Joyce 🙂

January 9, 2014/by ylecas

South Africa: Golden Rainbow Villages Gathering on January 2, 2014

January 2, 2014/by ylecas

Love Painting

December 29, 2013/by ylecas

Cheetah Park

December 27, 2013/by ylecas

Playing Ping-Pong

December 23, 2013/by ylecas

The Lion Park in South Africa

December 21, 2013/by ylecas

ahhh sooo cute

December 21, 2013/by ylecas

5 Star Camping @ the Lion Park, Johannesburg

December 20, 2013/by ylecas


December 7, 2013/by ylecas

Wilderness ~ South Africa: Rainbow Colors (part 1)

December 6, 2013/by ylecas

Our Home Grown Organic Strawberries

October 5, 2013/by ylecas

Our Kitty Cat Guest

August 5, 2013/by ylecas

Our Performance on Sunday

May 16, 2013/by ylecas

Global Ads 24

March 30, 2013/by ylecas

Golden Rainbow Villages: 7 years reflection (part 1)

March 7, 2013/by ylecas

Look Within original Lyrics by OMG Love Twins

December 27, 2012/by ylecas

Our Raw Vegan Products ^.^

December 20, 2012/by ylecas

Raw Vegan Potluck in Cape Town, South Africa

November 26, 2012/by ylecas

Raw to Door

October 27, 2012/by ylecas

Sunset from our Window ~ Camps Bay, Cape Town

October 23, 2012/by ylecas

Good Bye Gathering in Belgrade

October 1, 2012/by ylecas

Raw Vegan Potluck in Belgrade

September 15, 2012/by ylecas

2nd Raw Vegan Potluck in Novi Sad

September 3, 2012/by ylecas

Tuzla: Interview for RTV Tuzla Kanton with Enisom Alibalic

August 18, 2012/by ylecas

1st Raw Vegan Potluck in Novi Sad

July 21, 2012/by ylecas

1st Raw Vegan Potluck in Belgrade

July 18, 2012/by ylecas

Our Raw Vegan Photos

May 16, 2012/by ylecas

Our Spiritual Wedding

September 23, 2011/by ylecas

Love Art at Holistic Living Expo

September 19, 2011/by ylecas

aww our 2nd Raw Vegan L0VE Cake: Choco Carob Surprise

August 20, 2011/by ylecas

1st Raw Vegan Strawberry Cake

August 3, 2011/by ylecas

Carobana – our new raw vegan recipe

June 6, 2011/by ylecas

Hello from Gold Reef City in South Africa

May 27, 2011/by ylecas

Playing with L0VE logos

May 6, 2011/by ylecas

Back from South African Adventures

April 26, 2011/by ylecas